I guess you heard the phrase “You are never alone”. It’s true. We always dance beside our shadow. Your dark side will always be there until you finish it from within. Often it shows up as your deepest triggers, as fear, or other low type of energies.

Its your job to recognize these shadows as it is showing up from the depths of your heart. So, they will get powerful and at the end when you don’t care anymore, they will disappear, and you will attract much lighter energy’s that are inspired and creative instead of keeping you low and in a survival mode.

Our shadows are there to teach us where we still have work to do. All our surroundings are teachers, whether it be relations like partners, friends or family. Even society!

When I first realized this after fighting my shadows for many years, I knew I had deep work to do. To bring all my feelings in to the light, and free my mind from all the programs that where not mine. In my case I had to sit with all my feelings, for a long time, in silence. To be grateful for being angry, sad, disappointed, crazy, happy and so on…

We are all, and that’s what’s so beautiful.

In this healing I found that there is nothing right or wrong, no one to blame. Instead, there was a blessing to be free from what kept me in my own struggle. What kept me from not living my best life in freedom.

“Dance with your shadow and try to dance it in to light. Ask it what it where is comes from and what it needs to disappear.”.