Element: Earth

Color: Red

Physical: Release waste substances, rectum, feet, legs, testosterone, and estrogen

Instincts: Survival and propagation

Glands: Ovaries and testicles

The first chakra is placed at the bottom of the spine and represents the element of Earth. Root chakra is the port to the feminine energy and pulls light through our legs into mother earth. It’s the gate for our lifeforce, atmosphere and keeps a lot of important nutrients so that we can keep healthy living on this planet. Its also a connection to the Earths lightning system grid. (crystal grid)

(When I describe feminine and masculine this has nothing to do with gender as we all hold both inside of us. Feminine- magnetism/ Masculine- electricity.)

As a result of this we can see or self as lightning and living trees when we are grounded. If we lose this connection with mother earth, we must find our lifeforce from the surface.
We can easily describe this like we are a living tree, and without grounded roots it will break down if a heavy storm appears. We lose our connection to what is safe and stabile.

The root chakra is the foundation to have a good, loving and healthy life. As the root chakra is the feminine power, we lose our connection to what is soft, secure and loving if we are not grounded. When we lose the connection to Earth, we can feel the suffering of loss. Loss of family and safety. When that happens, we get an overload of masculine energy’s, who can case us anger, hostile and we apply to the material world for safety. Individualism is set before relationships, and egoism goes before family relationships, society and the planet.

The more a person are disconnected from Earth the more hostile energies of the masculine it shows to the feminine. It denies passion, creativity and sexuality.

If there are overload of these energies on the planet it will be poised. That is what we see playing out at this moment.

In the first chakra we are facing the 4 most instinctive desires operates like fear, lack of money, get food and multiply genes. There are the most basic needs for physical, emotional and survival.

When these energies are unbalanced, we can get a lot of distortions. We can get cheap and get the feeling of missing something. Then we often look outside for materialistic. Ironically the most generous people are the ones that own less.
As described before Root chakra we find the association to testosterone and estrogen. When children are made these hormones are blended in our lifeforce chakra and make a new human body.  This child will adapt all the information from both the masculine and feminine energy’s that are stores in their parents DNA.
As we are talking about root, this also explain how we adapt DNA information for generations.

How are these hormones affecting this energy center?



Laboratory study’s shows that the testosterone releases two basic distinctly impulses in a man; horniness and aggression. Unbalance in this chakra can make distortion in a man and he can mix these impulses in the hormone. Unfortunately, this can make him pull away from love connections, and even hurt the one they love. In worst scenario this can lead to sexual misuse, something that are seen all over the world.

Many feminine are stuck in deep trauma because of this.



Estrogen is produced in our ovaries and is very important for keeping the minerals in our skeleton. As humans loose our production over the years, especially after menopause many suffer from fragility. It’s proven that women from “nonindustrial” areas of the planet have less distorting cause of this.

The first chakra evokes deep mother feelings and a wish for deep relationships by woman.

Unbalance in the root chakra may result in the excessive need for safety in their relationships in stead of independence.

A person who is unbalanced in the first chakra can fell that all is an amalgamation in the world. The person will be driven by common sense and only live through materialism, Selfishness, and narcissistic tendencies. The person cannot feel love because they can not see or feel other persons, lack of empathy.

This chakra describes the first 7 year of our lives. Traumas that appear in this stage of life, including our birth can cause psychological blocks for later development. Just like a little kid this person who lives from this chakra will mostly be concerning meeting their own needs for survival and look for entertainments. They also look for temporary satisfaction through sex. In that case the other person will only be an extension of itself and mean nothing to them.

Trauma from earlier lives also resist in these chakras.

 There are also a lot of beautiful gift and quality in Root chakra. Survival mode secure humanity can continue. It drives us to continue making babies. And when we cleanse this this Chakra that we start to blossom. Through the first chakra we connect with our mother, the Earth and the feminine power. In Sanskrit the first chakra is called “muladharah”, that means foundation. And on that foundation, we make our house.

In yoga this is described as the “kundalini” energy, and the symbol is a snake that caravel the spine. Kundalini is considered as the great goodness Shaktis active power, the power that birth all life.

The Amazonian people call this force “sachamama”, watersnake. The three of knowledge, that energy that lives through all of us, this is mother earths energy and our mother plants heart bits.