As I’m in a new place, new country, there is also a new culture.

When coming here I met a beautiful soul that taught me a lot about what’s important to start with. As I was looking for a place, I could call home we were sitting together and viewing what’s available.

When we watched internet together, he saw something I didn’t. He said “no, no..”

I said to him; “Why? I liked it..” He saw something I didn’t see.

One time he said “Rita This is beautiful, it’s in the historic center, but there is no windows. I don’t think you are ready for that. It’s under the ground…”

What the fuck?…. I did not saw that because I was blinded by other stuff. Great paintings etc.

The other time he said “no, no…”

“Rita, there are no neighbors. You need neighbors.”

 I said; “I don’t need that…. I didn’t talk to them that much when living in Norway.”  

 He answered me; “ I know your kind”.

 These sentences have never left my mind and I see more and more how the old Italians where living to gather helping each other and had an amazing life motto of oneness and unity.