Feelings have been seen as weakness for centuries.

Instead of being seen for our deep feelings, love, and empathy. There have been other powers leading the way for generations, trying to tell you that your logical brain and other emotions are your strongest.

I believe and know different as I’ve walked this path. As my CV is as long as a river with different higher educations, and all kinds of work- from kindergarten to project management and leadership in Technology. Every time I went down a different path, I gave my energy away.

The regular programs that are showing up are:

“you have to be a pioneer”
“You have to show result”
“You should do better”
“How many hours can you work”
“How many meeting in on day can you manage”

My god. When I think back to where I was, I don’t know how I survived. Working 24/7, planning and worrying about tomorrow, the next week, the next month. And how many courts I’ve been through in these years of my life.

The feeling of not being enough starts at an early age as we are told we must be “someone” and produce something for others to earn money. To get a good job.

This will continue until we change the cards. I changed my cards 7 years ago and that is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Even if it’s been some ups and downs since then I’m very happy with that choice.

As I start working on my own with love and healing, my life gains more meaning, also to others. I was released from psychopaths that only wanted my energy to bring them more money and light.

Anyway, I was supposed to have that experience and I’m really happy for that today. I found that I also have worked with some of the worlds biggest technology networks and systems. That have brought me a great opportunity to see how business and the different matrixes exists.