Everything we associate with and everything we are is energy. I have previously written about what energy is if you wish to read about it first. https://ritaask.com/2019/06/hva-er-energi-og-hvordan-pavirker-det-oss/

Energies will always be of different frequencies that surround us, through the universal laws. Right now we are running a very special portal that started on 12/12/21 and ends on 12/21/21. Every year this portal is open for 9 days. Cosmic energy radiates above us and this year what we get from energies from “above” is accumulated over 500 years. This means that we are in a period right now with many beginnings and endings. In addition, we have had the last full moon this year on 20.12.21 in Libra. The scale stands for balance. December is a dark month for us in the north and means a time for reflection before the new year hits. How do we feel in ourselves, how are we in relationships with others? Is there something you miss?

In this special year, there will be a lot that is different than earlier in the month of December and the Christmas celebration as we have some strong polar opposites in society. We are fully on our way into a new age, the time of light in Aquarius. Light and darkness dance hand in hand….. Separations, division and isolation. At the same time as many are standing up and fighting for their freedom.

What does this have to do with energy?

Yes, since everything is energy; we humans, the earth and the universe too, this will affect our own energy and everything around us.

Our chakra system 7 / 14 / 21 are energy centers in the body. From root to crown it is the 7th (physical chakra). This is our energy body where we both give and receive energy. We are all born with many blockages in our system. No exceptions. The blockages have come via inheritance in DNA, upbringing, previous life and environment. These will be triggers that cause a person to react. When you react, it’s something we feel needs to get out of our system because it doesn’t feel right. It may be that we feel pressured, are treated incorrectly or unfairly or have old wounds/traumas that come to the surface through, for example, grief. It is important to know triggers and the feelings and thoughts surrounding them. It is the only way to free them.

What we often forget in this 3D world is that everything manifests outside of ourselves. This is again the law of attraction. Electricity and magnetism.

Today we are surrounded by a lot of fear that is spread in all channels. This can be both finances, illness, division and not least death. These are feelings that lie deep in our root system and in our guts. The feeling of survival. We are tested for division, love and security.

When we as humans stay in these low, painful feelings for a long time, something happens to our light and energy. It’s dimming… The nervous system gets into an anxious position which means that you become extra stressed, get stiff muscles and headaches. In the worst case, it will also affect the organs in the body as there will be too many stress hormones and tension.

What governs the entire organic being that you are is your heart. It’s what pumps the blood around and keeps you alive. Your breathing ensures that your blood and cells receive oxygen and can renew themselves. Clean food makes your body happy and creates high energy. Food is also energy and has different frequencies.

In today’s society, we are concerned that everyone else should feel good around us and take care of people. It’s all well and good and is called compassion, but this is of little value if you don’t have the energy yourself. How can you then give to someone when you are low on energy yourself? And in that case, what do you give?

EGO against EGO gets nowhere. There will be two opinions that will never agree in today’s society. If you want to change something, as most people want, you should first of all see that we are all traveling on this earth with equal rights and there must be acceptance and respect for other people’s choices and opinions. No one on this planet is the same and everyone has different reasons for the choices they make. Some ask questions, others don’t.

Anger, hatred and bitterness in the media with discussions and smear campaigns. Firstly, you give away your precious energy and secondly, you keep your own energy in survival mode which only hurts yourself.

As we now stand in this evolution for people, the planet and the universe, we also have the opportunity to activate even more energy centers within ourselves 14/21. This is the chakra that connects the senses to the universal energies and at the same time the earth’s crystal gate. We are entering an exciting time where people regain their multidimensional originality and can create the reality they want themselves. In this connection, I would like to remind you again what you send out.

Take care of yourself, breathe, eat well, dance or do other things that make you feel good. Turn off depressing news if it gives you a bad feeling.

You are the most important person in your life. Don’t give away the most precious thing you have, your energy. Start with yourself and you will see it change. 🙂