December 2021 is a very special year, not only in terms of what is happening in society, but also according to many scholars, historical texts and the indigenous people. I myself have studied the Incas and the Mayan calendar. It ended in 2012.

These 9 years up until now have been brutal for many people. Some have had major life changes. It may have been loss, grief, anger, illness, changes in relationships or work. What has been special is that the darkness does not come without the light. Most likely some angels have come and given you light. Stay up and give yourself new opportunities where you can show your born gifts and become stronger in yourself.

Now we stand a total rebirth, 0 for this planet. The planet must move on in the galaxy. We are immediately finished with the age of fish, ying /yang. The light and dark have danced hand in hand for long enough. The old one no longer works. This has been the status since the time of Jesus 2000 years ago. We are now entering The age of Aquarius, the Golden age. The Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria. After a long separation from ourselves for 26400 years.

As time has passed, people have become more and more disconnected from themselves and their own creative power. We have become accustomed to looking for joy and love outside of ourselves. Our own shadow in this 3D world we are in. We have gone in circle upon circle for many, many thousands of years due to our own karma. We always reincarnate back to learn and try to fix what we messed up last time. People we hurt, animals we damaged, nature we littered…. We cannot escape ourselves. Male or female does not matter as we have been both.

What is so wonderful about being allowed to be here at this particular time is that I. “Little” me, is allowed to assist with my knowledge and lessons through this journey so that others it inspires can have the same opportunity. I myself started the journey into the Mayan world in 2012. Then I was no longer allowed to sleepwalk. After I was about to drive myself to death, some higher powers looked after me and believed that “my” hour had not come. My higher SE took hold of me and has been tearing me apart ever since. Today I can laugh at everything and thank you for allowing me to feel all the feelings it gave me. The biggest gifts also came during the 9 years. Again Ying/Yang.

Now this 9-year cycle (void) is finished for us and we turn the Dharma wheel forward. Finally 🙂

The planet has already ascended, and a new crystal gate has been activated. A new Matrix, or a new operating system if you want to call it that. We humans can hang on if we want:) We are changing our bodies from being silicone based to crystal based. This can also be an explanation if there has been and is physical pain in the body, especially in the nervous system.

What this means for us humans is that we now have the ability to activate 12 DNA strands or more. Only 2 have been active until now, the rest have been/or are dormant. This is also the reason why we have been so separated from ourselves. Our emotional and logical hemisphere. Feminine and masculine. The mental and our emotions.

Our friends in the universe have given us and are giving us an incredible amount of colours/rays/high-frequency energies through the sun in recent years. This is to help us with the shift we are facing now. In order for our bodies and nervous system to withstand all the magical crystal energy from the earth, the bodies must have more light. We can also remember it if we think about the last summers we’ve had here in the North with a lot of heat and the purple colored sunsets – and sunrises. Our galactic families are sending “Tons and Love” at this time and it is there for those souls who want to receive. Those who are able to receive love and have an open mind.

– *Keeping an open mind is not easy today with all the information and disinformation coming at us from outside ourselves. What has unfortunately happened along the way with humanity on this earth is with us humans is that we have completely lost the link with ourselves. The soul, the earth and love. Jorda is our mother while we are here on a visit. We ONLY use our 4 senses and are manipulated from the outside world. We respond without feeling. This means that we are often stuck in past wounds and memories and create these experiences again if we do not release the trauma and memory. Among other things, the media creates a lot of darkness in us with sad and bad news that hurts the stomach. These feelings will continue to come if we accept them and it triggers us. It is not dangerous to feel the heavy dark feelings, we all have them. What is important is to let it appear, so that you can give it light and thank it for showing up. By doing this, you will create more light and energy in your own body. All chakras have different doors of deep water, but they also hold great doors of magic and possibilities when we don’t let the darkness and limit the snitches are all over them.**

Back to this very special December 2021. 1 2 3

We often associate 123 as a countdown to the start. As we in 3D live in a projected world of ourselves, our past experiences that we carry with us, we now have the opportunity to open our many senses. Vå also has the opportunity to better connect with our galactic families and friends, in addition we get the inner peace and love that we have always sought outside of ourselves. By activating more DNA, eating organically, drinking pure water and clearing out past dark emotions we will create a planet in 5D. That is, a higher consciousness where we live in unity and the present. Are organic, without poison in water and food. Unity, respect and love.

Today we stand collectively in a 4D consciousness. Life and death, black and white, right and wrong. These are feelings and mental patterns left over from 3D. Survival and fear. Suffering.

The beautiful thing about creation is that we are all born with free will and love. It is the only thing we are born with in our hearts. The rest has come via DNA, heredity, environment and influences. We’re here to have fun, not suffer and get sick.

When there is death there is also rebirth. Everyone now has that opportunity going forward if they want. An ego dead.

The Age of Aquarius, Golden Atlantis will and must change people’s way of life. From Ego to the Heart. The heart is the greatest force that exists in the universe. The heart is the soul and your heartbeats correspond with mother earth’s heartbeats. A calm and harmonious heart will therefore be the best environmental policy you can contribute to calm down the chaos we are in now. If you look at the media, they try exactly the opposite. They will keep people in a survival mode.

Now that the poles are balanced to 0, Orion and Sirius and Centra Sola are over each other. Venus, the planet of love, is right next to us, we can choose a new replica. A rebirth into a new age. Without guilt, control, death and disease. We are all part of everything and there is no one outside of you who can love yourself the way you do. Start in your heart and the world out there will change. We have had many challenges in the last 2 years. Personally, I think we humans have been forced to know more about ourselves. What is important in life? What makes me happy? What am I afraid of? What am I missing? etc… Many have also been through loss and not been given the opportunity to say goodbye properly. This is something that tears inside the soul, as it is love. Perhaps we have taken too much for granted? There are many things that have happened to people during this period. I myself have been through many deaths, but they have been my own. (Ego dies)


1 See the self. Everything starts with yourself. Observe yourself and what your feelings and thoughts show.

2 See the other and fully accept its journey here on earth. Compassion and Love

3 The inner and outer create a Trinity, a new algorithm. The little child reappears.

3 stands for a fresh start, new opportunities and life changes. Either forward or backward.

2012 = 55 represents a new start, half of ten and the Christ energy.

Personally, I have no relationship with religion, but I believe in one thing; it is that we are made in God’s image, all of us. No one above and no one next to. We are all here to show each other the way home. Some are young souls, others older. Everything is in balance if we can see it.

All of December is designated as 8 – infinity in numerology. 0 This also signifies Lionsgate is also back to the fall of Atlantis. In the middle of the astrological age of the planet. It was the time when the dark forces found out that we humans were so magical and powerful that they also started manipulating our emotions, not just our brains. Basically we are 9 Dimensional beings.

By getting to know your own feelings and belief system, you can more easily recognize what you don’t want to give energy to. It steals energy from you. This is what is called intuition. Our inner voice about what is right or wrong. If things seem wrong, they usually are. If we avoid listening to the inner voice for too long, it will scream and ask us to be seen and heard. Life tells you if you are on the wrong path. Sometimes it hurts a lot and can feel really dramatic. We are facing an exciting time. I am glad that I am here now and can contribute to extinguishing this terrible ego and the darkness that is upon us now. If you give more energy to yourself, and less to what is outside yourself, this will also contribute to higher frequencies on earth. Do what makes you happy.


From the New Year I plan to set up guiding around this for those who want to connect to a new matrix, (in unity and love) back The Golden Age of Atlantis and Lemuria and hope that as many dolphins as possible will want to follow me further on this journey. Dolphin matrix.