Timelineshift 31.8.2021/ 1111:1111:1111:11:11:1

What we don´t heal, we repeat. This is Gaia birthing the new earth in LOVE. Golden Age.

What that this means for humans?

If you lose your mind, you will found that magic in you, the Divine Power of Creation, your higher self. It´s stored in your secret hart. All is LOVE, all is our lifeforce. Only the mind/ego tells you otherwise and you are laying about WHO you really are, because none of it is yours.

In our 3D world we are getting all the information from outside of ourselves. Through our senses, our eyes and ears. This is the mind. The illusion that creates our reality.

Everything we read, everything we see in for exemple television, internet, news papers and so on will be stores in our minds if we aren´t aware. Other peoples storys will also become ours if we aren´t able to sort out what is ours and what belongs to others, your friends, family and relations.

In this big timeline shift in to Golden age of Atlantis, all fear have to be gone. All sickness, manipulation, death and decease have to disappear. The only energy that lightn up the darkness so that we can connect with the entire universe is LOVE. IT IS ALL THAT IS. WE ARE LOVE. All other is in the mind. Connect to your true self, the ONE. (like NEO in the movie, Matrix)

If we are present in the NOW and dive down into our beautiful harts instead of seeing or hearing  something that create fear in us. In our hart, the SUN always shine and make us smile instead of sending out a bad reaction in return. By doing this we transform the energy with light. Transform it into something great, the opposite of fear- that is LOVE. It can be a great help to wash our head from the inside in visualization couple a times during the day. See before you the clean water washes away all that is not yours. Behind your eyes and your ears through the head. Wash all your brain cells as well. This will help you to be more present and balanced.

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When the darkness is met by light, it vil get lighter and make a lot of beautiful rainbow coolers or it can poff (explode). Like a lightbulb for example , – if it get to much volt, it will be destroyed by the power. Everything gets black. Dead. And then you have to by a new one thats fits the power of the lamp or power charge. It´s like this also with humans, if the power is totally closed of, our physical bodys are restored in a new cycle with mother nature. Into mother earths light, the crystal grind. Every cell in our body stores memories, from our DNA.

and the DNA is our lamps, our stars. We are crystals. The clearer our energy are from earlier traumas, betrayal, suffering and death, the more we connect to Mother Earths crystal grind. Its time for us to remember our truth and connect to the hart in the NOW. Our great possibility to create new timeline in LOVE, PEACE AND FREEDOM. Harmony. To do that, we have to work on your mental body, emotional body, etheric body and our physical so that we don´t give our energy away to what we fear. Give all your power to what you love. All starts with you. Be in joy, listen to music, dance, laugh and smile. Eat from nature, thats real medicine for your lightbody. This will make your aura and chakra more clean so that your light shines brighter. Free your inner SUN, (Atlantis sun) your Solar Plexus. Turn the energy from the external to the internal, and start by loving your selv. If you LOVE your self for ALL that you are, you get eternal. Eternal Love, an multidimensional being.

For the light to get in, the dark will fight to survive. Try to always go away from your mind, and down to your true power house, THE HART. You only need ONE flame to light up a hole room.

Take care for the next weeks to come, while the storm is coming and the New Earth are being birth after a 26000 years cycle.

Were your focus go, energy flow…… Use the right mind, and be in the NOW/then you WON.

Let the light shine, the rose blossom from our harts, its Divine Timing.