What is healing? A simple and clear explanation

by | Jun 2, 2019 | Love

We are all healers.

I myself was also very skeptical about healing when someone suggested it to me, as I myself was a technologist and worked in the IT industry.

What I have seen recently is that we humans are not so different from IT, as we have memory, processor, log, etc. and we are constantly exposed to viruses and other parasites.

Healing, which means healing, is something the body does constantly. We humans heal each other by “caring”, “listening”, “giving”, “hugging” etc.

Still, healing is seen as something unnatural and perhaps a little scary. It is seen by most as quackery and sham, while in reality it is only working with people, mind, body and soul.

Healing has existed throughout the ages in all 4 corners of the world. In the west we have the Indians, in the north we have the Sami, in the east we have the monks, in the south we have the Bushmen. They all have an extreme connection to nature and themselves.

We humans have exactly the same anatomy regardless of which part of the world we were born in. Everyone is born with 12 ribs, 4 parts of the brain and two halves of the heart.

The job of becoming a true healer is to connect all the hemispheres of the brain together, as well as the heart. If we also bring the body, which is our tool here on earth, it is perfect. And we can then heal others.

What I am trying to say here is that all people are born with the same abilities, the same anatomy, but in different bodies and shapes, as well as different experiences. Everyone has the opportunity to become and be a healer if they dare to take the “job” to connect body, mind and soul together.

When we hit ourselves, bleed or have surgery, the body itself will heal the wounds… and you may have noticed that when the body needs to fix itself, it is not so interested in food and other things from the outside. This is because it needs that energy to “fix/heal” itself.

When I work with healing, I work with the inner wounds – our FEELINGS. Unfortunately, it is the case that we are trained to “take care” of everyone else apart from ourselves, and this carries with it many traces and repressed feelings. Among other things, “nice girl syndrome” is one of these.

Generations before us have had much less acceptance of emotions, and this is something we carry with us via inheritance and DNA. For example in the form of food, money, abuse etc.

We humans are not taught to listen and take care of the physical body which is our tool for survival here on earth. We compromise ourselves to meet the expectations of others. And creates many expectations for ourselves, which unfortunately are not always fulfilled.

People are energy and I will return to this in the next post. But a little teaser….. if a bucket is full of water, something has to come out to make room for more, otherwise it will overflow.

Most people who seek me out feel that they are about to “run over”, they have no more to give either to others or to themselves. If you run out of energy, you also have nothing to give to others, so self-care in general is healing!

When you go a little deeper into what a healing is, it can be so many things, but the greatest healing comes from getting to know yourself, removing your ego and listening to your body and soul.

What happens during a healing session?

This is very individual; Some just want to chat, others want to chat AND receive healing via treatment, while others want to have a full healing session. For some, it is therapy just to talk, and that someone sees them for who they are and listens. Others may have come further in their own process, and need help for healing and awakening. As a shaman and healer, I connect with the clients, take in their energies, and work to correct the clients’ belief programs, action patterns, emotions and guide them further on their inner journey.

After cleansing and balancing, which is a powerful experience for many, I put in new belief programs and download emotions that take over the old embedded mindsets, actions and reaction patterns. Often I combine shamanic ancient wisdom with theta healing, this has been shown to have the best effect.

What is theta healing?

Theta healing is a fairly new form of treatment developed by Vianna Stibal. Here we work in the subconscious, the orion technique. This form of treatment is based on the science of brain waves, electrical signals and frequency patterns. The theta brain wave gives access to 99% of the entire subconscious. This is the brain frequency/wave we have just before we are in deep sleep. Here, we only work with the frequencies of light and things happen quickly. The purpose of theta healing is to change old belief systems that allow others to limit us at the same time that it limits ourselves from getting the freedom and love we want. In other words, you are stuck in old patterns.

Which issues can healing help with?

Stress, depression, low energy, low motivation, grief, bitterness, anxiety, fear, phobia, addiction, finances, trauma, abuse. These are some examples, in addition, as everything in the body is energy, you can also heal physical injuries and illness.*

Does healing work? In terms of experience, all the clients who have been with me have a rapidly upward curve in relation to their own health, both mentally, physically and spiritually. As a rule, I have 3 healing hours with the clients, after which they are so cleansed and balanced that they manage the rest of the job themselves.

In this post a lot has been written about energy in this post. The next post goes deeper into what energy actually is.