As an energy therapist, I work daily with energies, with people, myself and nature. We all have different energy and can always work to change it. Here I will deal with some topics related to energy, which you will most likely recognise.


In addition to a physical body, we have an energy body (aura, the shaman’s language – the body of light), which reflects the body’s energy. This is our communication with that “outside” of us, and can put us in various situations and events so that we can “cleanse” the body and put some stoppers in the energy body so that we preserve our energy better. In addition, we absorb energy from everything around us, both from other people, society and nature. Our thoughts affect our emotions, and by being vigilant you can correct or send away negative thought forms (energies).

The frequency of the soul (the heart) is fast and can be recognized in emotions such as love, patience, forgiveness, empathy, care, joy, kindness and gratitude. It gives the feeling of connection instead of separation and a feeling of joy.

Low frequency energies are characterized by emotions such as fear, attack, condemnation, anxiety, guilt, anger, stress, worry, depression and illness. These are energies that bring with them separation and separation.

What we feel in our body corresponds to how high or pure energy we have. If, for example, we have deep feelings associated with past traumas in our cells, we will always attract that energy in order to be able to correct or send it away. It won’t end until we tackle it…


What do we think when we are stressed? Of course, it all depends on the situation, but stress in itself brings with it a great many of the low energies that are not good for us. We can stress about a lot, such as not achieving something, not having enough, getting enough, being good enough, delivering enough. We may have done something we regret that gives us a very bad feeling and a guilty conscience. If we are exposed to these low emotions and energies over time, we simply become ill.


Many have experienced the loss of something or someone they loved very much. This obviously brings with it sadness, and perhaps anger or feelings of betrayal and deception. These are low energies that often remain in the body over time and unfortunately it is very harmful to health as depression, bitterness and fear of experiencing the same traumas again can easily develop. It is often difficult to deal with a wounded heart, but here there are also techniques to be able to move on in life and accept what actually happened. Unfortunately, there are many who are stuck here and do not dare to move on for fear of new grief, rejection or the thought of being abandoned.


When it comes to finances, it is very common to count on the kroner, to think about all the bills you have and expect to come in the near future. Have you experienced that if you get annoyed or think that you don’t have the money for what you want or have to pay, more unexpected bills come up? This is also not accidental, as the low energies of our emotions create some thoughts that act as magnets for attraction. Even here, there are techniques that can reverse the feelings and then again the reality you live in. It probably sounds crazy, but if you reverse the feeling and pay with gratitude, the outcome will be different.


We are surrounded by the media and people who constantly talk about diagnoses, ailments and diseases. Have you thought about the saying “you are what you eat”? or “one can think healthy”. The sad, but also very logical thing is that you can also “think yourself sick”. Again, it’s about not standing still, but being able to be aware of what you feel and being able to change the feelings that in turn create thoughts. When there is no room for more low-frequency thoughts, they will settle in our body as pain and we become ill.

Back to Energies

As we have lived our lives with various factors of stress, grief and trauma, there will always be some low energies in our physical body. These mentioned above are part of the energy body (our aura and our immune system). Low energies will mean that our energy body is not as good at sensing/feeling different energies from the outside. You have probably noticed that many things in life go in a “loop”, we are exposed to the same people or situations time and time again, just in different shapes and colours. In the end, if we don’t learn to listen, set boundaries and take into account our own physical body and energy body, we will become burnt out and, in the worst case, sick. Those illnesses or feelings will not go away with either medication or aromatherapy. It may quell it for a little while, but they will always come back, as long as you don’t work out what’s causing them to come. As it has also been proven that we also inherit emotions and traumas, not just illnesses, nor is it always the case that you yourself know which emotions have been transferred and create the situations. It can also come from trauma in past lives, for those who believe in it.

We humans also absorb energy from each other and not everyone is aware of this. I will also mention here some examples that I assume you recognize yourself in.

The one who overturns the “room”..

You have probably experienced that you can be several people in the same room and have a good atmosphere. Suddenly, a person arrives and the energy is completely different. It can be of a good nature that leads to more laughter and love, or it can give the feeling of chaos, drama or electricity. This is because the people in the room have different energies, and in the first case it is a person who has more high-frequency energies consisting of laughter, care, joy etc. In the second example, there is a human being who has much more low-frequency energies than those already in the room and they will all be drawn towards this energy.

The Energy Sucker/ The Vampire

Everyone has probably experienced someone close to them who takes up “a lot of space”, whether it’s on the phone, on a visit or via other settings that exhaust you without understanding why.

People with many low-frequency energies need the high-frequency ones to keep themselves alive and therefore absorb energy from others. What often characterizes these people is that they only talk about themselves and theirs. If you have any challenges that you would like to air, they are happy to help. At least not something that lifts you up or makes you feel better. Often they have chaos in their lives, whether it’s in their love relationship, with work or their health. It is important to be aware of these people as you yourself are drained of energy and it is also easy to take over their feelings/problems and make them your own. If you are an empath, you have a lot of energy and support, but are also very open. The problem is that you are left completely drained and have to recharge your own energy. The vampire has gained energy to  survive…

I will write more about energies and awareness in the next post.