Our heart is the largest and most frequent muscle in our body. Here, no one gets “pushed” into their place if it’s busy… And again then what we send out is what we get..

Our heart consists of ten parts. One part “pushes” blood to the other. It depends here on which energy is “pushed”.

  • The children
  • The grandchildren
  • An X
  • Two Xér
  • Family rental
  • Friends

Here it is important that we take care of the clean-up ourselves. Just like a bucket of water, no more water can come if it is already full!

Many seek compensation for what has previously hurt them or abandoned them. They get it, but it doesn’t reach the way they want. And if it is Xér who takes his place, there will unfortunately never be room for any new “real” love. Old wounds and traumas must first leave the scene.

What our heart sends out, we will receive to either learn about ourselves, receive or clear. The heart is the main sensor of the body as it is made up of love. It is our life energy, the blood pump. It tells you if something is wrong.

Are you listening to your heart? Have you had heart palpitations?
It is often the language the heart uses to warn us that we are compromising ourselves. I will return to this in another post.