The water has memories and emotions – scientists have NOW proven..

by | May 22, 2019 | Love, Metaphysics, Universe

The picture above shows an ice crystal frozen from very poisoned water. The photo on the right shows the same but blessed by Dr. Emoto. You can see from this that what we do has the ability not only to heal ourselves, but also the Earth.

We humans consist of 85% water. What we feel, think and expose ourselves to in terms of surroundings and nutrition in turn affects our body and cells.

Finally, the scientists and science have proven that water has memory and emotions


Since we humans have as much as 85% water in our bodies, that will probably speak for itself….

Every day we are poisoned via drinking water, soft drinks and other soft drinks that contain substances that are not natural for our bodies. Aging, illness and low energy characterize this.

Dr. Masaru Emonto has been researching water and its movement for many decades and has concluded that both external and internal influences affect water’s emotions.

WHAT we think and feel also has a significant part to do with the water in our body.

If we are: stressed, depressed, bitter, angry, etc., this will affect our bodies and health enormously to a miserable state of well-being. In addition to the external we get via drinks.

If we are: happy, in love, living in harmony, etc., this will affect our body, mood and health in the opposite direction. This means that the water supplies our cells with energy, – instead of pressing our energy down into the body.

In addition to our emotions and what we get from external influences, the Earth is also governed by lunar cycles, which in turn govern the water.

I will write more about this later.