Unfortunately, today’s entire society is designed to separate people and many are pitted against each other, whether it is competition at work, school or, worse, with a partner you love. From this, there will be power struggles, illnesses and depression instead of learning how to play as a team and make each other good. Society has a large state apparatus that contributes to precisely this.

In this post I particularly want to address the feminine and masculine part, which are meant to live together – to be one. Build each other up. Throughout their lives, everyone, whether they like it or not, is on the “search” for the one right one. The big love.

Instead of being built up, most people experience being broken down. Time and time again… (until many give up). There are usually challenges with e.g. trust, time, money, family and sex. If one knew that the partners are there to teach you to love yourself, things would look different. We don’t meet anyone by chance, they are meant to come. They are precisely what you choose to invite into your comfort zone, only to then be bitter, depressed or heartbroken afterwards.

Very often the signals come early in a relationship with another human being and our intuition tells us that something is not right. While the logical brain says what we have been taught to do: “It will get better.” We just have to give it time. We have to adapt”. What then happens to the feelings that are completely surpassed, our physical sensors in the body, because you so strongly want to experience love. We say to ourselves again: “It’s good enough, but I want something more…”, “I’ll persevere”, “Better than being alone” etc…. In addition, for many, there is a financial part that is essential when it comes to ending a relationship.

So what should we do to get out of this painful loop that brings us to our knees both energetically and health-wise?

We humans have many wounds and traumas that cause a “fight/flight” reaction. This comes from things we ourselves have experienced in life that have not been cleaned up or it can also be inherited from parents and previous generations. All our cells have memories and send signals to the nervous system about which reactions we should take. If, instead of compromising with ourselves, we learned to recognize our own emotions that are desperately trying to tell us something, the journey to “Happy Love” would be completely different. There are of course many memories and belief programs that need to be corrected, but there the partners are our best teachers!

What feelings do they give you?

Do they show you real love, or is the relationship based on insecurity and drama? Do you feel valuable, or are you taken for granted?

Some partners come into life to show us love, respect and value. Others come to us to show us what we do not have in ourselves, and this is precisely where the lesson is. Do you see yourself as valuable, with respect and love yourself? These few belief programs and feelings can work wonders instead of making your love life a nightmare.

Back to the headline. Separation society. Since we don’t know the techniques we need to grow or spare ourselves from people who don’t give us what we want, it’s easy for us to “point” or “run away” at the same time as we are left and just as empty in love. Many people ask themselves if they can even take it anymore as it leaves deep traces and memories, and then choose to live alone. If you yourself feel hit by this and want to do something to avoid going through the same “loop”, I will be happy to give you some tools or help you. It is not meant that women and men should live separately as we are made for each other, but it is about finding the right one. The one who loves you and lifts you up.

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