The brain is only a processor of your emotions, what you think you receive..

by | May 7, 2019 | Love, Metaphysics

Our emotions are controlled in the central nervous system of the body where all memories are located in the cells. When we feel something, this sends thoughts to our head through nerve cells. What we think, we will then get more of…. ever discovered that we encounter the same situations or relationships? Felt some kind of telepathy?

This is precisely what happens when our nervous system recognizes some emotions that are either good for us or give us some negative activations in the body. The brain in turn will magnetize what it sends out, so that we will get more of what we think.

By being conscious of managing our thoughts, recognizing the feelings that come via different vibrations, we can learn to navigate our everyday life and decide more of what we want to receive and experience.

Our brain contains trillions of crystals that act as magnets for attraction. You can read more about this here if you find it interesting